An intuitive interface for managing customers, viewing transactions, and finding business trends.

Control multi-user permissions with only a few clicks
View transactions received and sent across your platform
Easily manage cash flow and stay on top of optimal earnings

Real-time Charts

Beautiful graphs and charts make it easy to visualize the health of your business. The Dashboard provides invaluable insights into key business metrics and trends.

Manage Applications

Create and manage your production applications within the Dwolla Dashboard. Easily generate applications and receive your unique key and secret to authenticate to the Dwolla API.

Manage Customers

Simple interfaces allow you to look up and manage customer information and transactions. The Dashboard makes it simple to support your customers while you continue to focus on building your business.

Manage Your Team

Securely invite team members to your Dashboard. Manage access and permissions for each individual user. Empower everyone with information from accounting to customer service.

Monitor Transactions

View transactions received and sent across your application. Easily reconcile your payments and check transaction statuses without needing to build your own internal display.

The Keys to Managing Your Dwolla API Integration

Business Insights
Visualize key trends and performance metrics

Customer Service
Manage and edit customer information

Look up transaction details and download reports

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