The phrase “time is money” is especially relevant when it comes to support. A support team that fixes the problem—and doesn’t make you wait—will positively impact your bottom line. Scale and Enterprise clients are assigned a dedicated integration and account manager, along with access to a team of developer advocates to contact directly for support matters or success stories.

Direct Lines of Communication

Get a response in real time to your payments issue from an account or integration manager that you know and trust.

Payment Partnership

Dwolla’s Customer Success Team is your guide during the application review and approval process—we’re here to help.

Maintain A Delightful User Experience

Payment issues are frustrating and cause distrust with end users; avoid those situations by resolving disputes efficiently.
“One of the things Dwolla has done best is the real time support, that’s incredibly helpful. Dwolla shortcutted the support cycle down from hours and days with email exchanges to real time. When you’re moving other folks money around, that real time support is invaluable.”
Chris Schmitt
“Authenticity is so important to me. You can work through anything if you can address one another with whole trust. After our conversations with Dwolla, I felt that was possible.”
Susan Langer
CEO & Founder
Real-time Responses to Real-time Issues

We are invested in more than keeping our customers happy, we care about the success of your product and your company. That’s why we offer email and online chat support to reduce response time and address issues as they occur.

With payments, trust is everything. A poor user experience causes trust issues with end users in your application. With Dwolla powering payments, you can provide a delightful user experience with your branding at the forefront while receiving rapid help if something goes wrong.

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