Our Intuitive Interface Is Like A Digital Checkbook

Within the Dwolla Dashboard, control the flow of your payments with a simple-to-use interface. Harness the power of the ACH Network and visualize the payment activity happening with your application.

Control multi-user permissions with only a few clicks
View transactions received and sent across your platform
Easily manage cash flow and stay on top of optimal earnings

Send Funds

Electronically initiate and automate payments to your end users through the ACH Network—using the Dwolla Dashboard.

Transaction Transparency

Monitor the status of any transaction on your platform in real time.

Roles & Permissions

Designate multiple users at your company to access the Dwolla Dashboard, each assigned controlled permissions relevant to their department.

Flexible Interface

Easily sort transactions and update end user information from the easy-to-navigate interface within the dashboard.
“Dwolla has reduced stress and increased accuracy substantially. We’ve had no errors whatsoever in tracking donations since integrating with Dwolla.”
Leo Ramirez Jr.
“From functionality to integration support, Dwolla’s bank transfer API has been ideal in helping us scale. On top of that, using the Dashboard and Admin in conjunction with our processes has provided helpful insights and saved time.”
Bryan Petro
“Dwolla is such a great enabler. It’s just the fact that bank transferring should be really easy and with other payment solutions out there it still feels cumbersome. But Dwolla makes it easy.”
Blake Miller
CEO & Co-Founder

Consumable Information

Gain insight into your business metrics and trends through automatically populated charts and graphs.

Application Management

Integration with Dwolla is made easy through the Dashboard. Create and manage your production applications to authenticate to the Dwolla API.

User Management

Manage your users’ payment information in a consumable way with an easy-to-navigate interface; deactivate and reactivate users on the fly.

Assign Permissions

Multiple dashboard users can access specific information and download reports relevant to their role.

Add Multiple Bank Accounts

Delegate separate bank accounts specifically for sending or collecting ACH transactions through your application.

Monitor Transactions

View transactions sent and received across your application. Easily reconcile your payments and confirm transaction statuses without needing to build your own internal display.

Download Detailed Statements

Download a CSV document directly from the dashboard to obtain a complete list of activity affecting the Dwolla Master Account Balance. Or, download a PDF document for a high-level summary from the prior month. Learn more.

statements download

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