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Controlling Online Payments Using Dwolla’s Dashboard

Harness the power of online payments and get real-time business insights using our intuitive dashboard.

Instant Access to Data

Monitor every stage of the payment cycle from within the Dwolla Dashboard. Receive instant status updates about customer onboarding and funding source verification, sort payment data and simplify the reconciliation process. Whether you are managing a large number of payouts or controlling online payments for a startup, track the flow of funds to and from multiple bank accounts with help from our ledger technology.

Customized Reporting

Sort transactions, monitor end user performance and export that data in a CSV or PDF.

Transaction Transparency

Monitor transactions, view status details and track events on your platform in real-time.

Team Roles & Permissions

Invite cross-functional team members to help manage your business and tailor the experience based on their role and department.

Expanded Security Controls

Sophisticated security practices, like requiring multi-factor authentication for users, ensures private information stays private.

Programmable Payments from the Dwolla Dashboard

Manage customer onboarding, initiate (or retry) transactions and monitor the payment activity for your application.

Control multi-user permissions with only a few clicks
View transactions received and sent across your platform
Easily manage cash flow and stay on top of optimal earnings

Consumable Information

Charts and graphs automatically populate to easily view business metrics.

Application Management

Control your applications to authenticate to the Dwolla API and enter production.

User Management

From the dashboard, deactivate or reactivate users, update payment information and view transaction history.

Add Multiple Funding Sources

Delegate funding sources specifically for sending or collecting payments.

Download Detailed Statements

Choose a CSV or PDF document for a high level summary of payment activity.

Take Control Of Your Online Payments

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