Businesses can add more payment-related details to an ACH transaction using addenda records within the Dwolla Platform. With this payment feature, extend the power of the ACH Network and provide your end users with specific transaction information.

More Predictable Cash Flow

An ACH entry’s specific transaction type is identified through the Standard Entry Class (SEC) code that is passed along with each transaction. Corporate Credit or Debit Entry (CCD) is a type of cash concentration and disbursement code, used for business bank account to business bank account transactions. CCD transactions allow businesses to have a more predictable cash flow with less concern that returns may happen days or weeks later. Dwolla supports the CCD format for those business-to-business transactions.

More Detailed Records

ACH addenda records allow businesses to supply the payment recipient with more information about their ACH transactions. An addenda record includes information like invoice numbers, names of entities involved or brief descriptions of the transaction that can identify a specific payment. This insight helps put finance departments at ease.

With Dwolla, every business to business transaction has the opportunity to include customizable payment information through ACH addenda records.

More Time Saved

CCD is a specific SEC code for verified corporate-to-corporate bank accounts, allowing for an addenda record. Extending the power of the ACH Network using addenda with CCD transactions (commonly referred to as CCD+) is just another benefit of the Dwolla Platform for businesses. When your business is doing hundreds, thousands or millions of transactions across an application, traceability is crucial to saving time and money.

More information. More predictability. More value.

At Dwolla we provide a robust payments platform so you can focus on one thing—your business.

“We are looking to compete with larger businesses and being able to have access to payment features that will help make this possible is something that we are excited to expand on with Dwolla.”
Joe Edgar
CEO & Co-Founder
“People can be apprehensive about the idea of introducing a new payment experience for them and their customers. So it’s nice for Dwolla to be such a simple, seamless experience when they step out of their comfort zone.”
Alex Lipnik
Sales & Partnership Manager
“It’s always risky changing the engine in flight. The aspect of going live with a new payments partner was where Dwolla really shined. Dwolla helped us convert from our old provider, it was seamless.”
Chris Schmitt

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