Bank Account Types with the Dwolla Platform

Dwolla has helped businesses expand the opportunities of their applications by supporting multiple types of bank accounts. Depending on the needs, businesses are able to leverage specific types of bank accounts that support various functionalities through an integration of Dwolla’s ACH payment API.

Checking/Savings Account

Dwolla has made the process of adding or verifying a bank funding source to an end user painless. With IAV, a user can add their bank in seconds. These specific account types are attached to any Customer type as a default for all accounts.

Loan Account

Customer types that have had their identity verified can seamlessly send payments from their connected checking or savings account to pay down a balance on their loan account at another financial institution.

General Ledger

Onboard a banking partner as an end user in three steps and transact using their general ledger account within your application. Learn more on how to get started by reaching out.
Additional Functionality Built on the Dwolla Platform

The Dwolla Platform offers businesses an ACH payment API and a set of premium features that allow them to improve the end user experience, all while opening additional streams of revenue for their business. From applications that help end users pay back their loans to platforms that make it easy for groups to save together, offering multiple bank account types expands the opportunities that a business can offer to an end user to interact with their application.

Dwolla works with innovative companies in various industries, powering payments for investment, wealth management and disbursement applications—among others.

Chris headshot kidfund
“ACH is not a simple process to understand...but Dwolla takes all that complexity and wraps it behind a well-documented API that does exactly what it says it does.”
Chris Johnson
Senior Developer at Kidfund

Multiple Bank Accounts, Multiple Opportunities

Dwolla’s API provides a dynamic way to not only create and onboard Customers, but we also offer a flexible option to add depth to your application. By offering traditional `checking` and `savings` options, as well as the `loan` and `general ledger` account types, businesses are able to build additional value for their end users.
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