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Account to Account Payment Technology

Integrate a Simplified Payment API

Customize the payment experience to reliably send, collect or facilitate payments electronically using Dwolla as your payment API provider.

API with customizable components and dollar signs on circuits moving in and out.

White Label

Cover our payment API with your branding to maintain consistent user experience as end users initiate payments on your platform.


Design the ideal workflow for your business to include multiple transfer types (ACH, Real-Time Payments, Push-to-Debit) and multiple payment flows, regardless of how you're moving money.


Our payment platform API has a proven 99.9% uptime and goes through continuous testing and third-party auditing.

Increase Your Speed to Market With Drop-in Components

Document Upload

Style a front-end UI that your Customer will use to upload and send a document to Dwolla for use in identity verification.

Upgrade an Unverified Customer

Enhance the Unverified Customer experience by upgrading them using a pre-built front-end display that will collect the necessary information.

Balance Display

Accounts that complete KYC verification can display the balance dollar amount held within their “wallet.”

Create an Unverified Customer

A Customer in the Dwolla API that can both send or receive funds.

Create a Personal Verified Customer

A Customer in the Dwolla API with higher transaction limits and the most functionality.


The transfer from a Customer funding source to your own is the final piece to completing your funds flow.

Create a Business Verified Customer

This Customer represents a business entity that intends to send or receive funds on your platform.

Beneficial Ownership

A beneficial owner is any individual that, directly or indirectly, owns or controls 25% or more of a company. Due to U.S. regulations, each business verified Customer is required to disclose its beneficial owners before the account can be verified.

Guides to Integrating a Payment Platform API

The Dwolla Developer Portal outlines the technical capabilities of Dwolla’s payment API, enabling decision makers to evaluate how it best serves their needs.

Our Developer Relations team has created step-by-step instructions to help ensure your API integration is built with best practices. No matter how you’re using Dwolla’s payment API, leverage our robust documentation and how-to guides, plus a few well-designed endpoints that can handle the most complex payment needs.

Test in the Sandbox
Screenshot of the Developer Document page.

Knowledge Based Authentication

We require identity verification for at least one party involved in each transaction.

Dwolla’s API has built-in features that assist with meeting the requirements of verifying the identity of a new user. Should a user fail the initial verification attempt due to invalid information, Dwolla’s Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) feature provides an alternative way for a user to verify their identity through a series of questions that are specific to each user. Questions are compiled from public and private data, such as marketing data, credit reports and transaction history.

Customer Types in the API
Verification ID magnified with other verification ids around the circle
“What distinguished Dwolla was the heavy emphasis on compliance and the overall polish around the white-label aspect of the business. The API was clean, easy to understand and we were up and running very quickly compared to some of the other vendors.”
“We are able to work as a partner with Dwolla. We’re working on some custom things to make our workflow and processing easier. Being able to have that conversation and go down that road, regardless of what happens, is great. Dwolla feels like more of a partnership than just another vendor.”
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