Moving Money Using an ACH Payments API

An Application Programing Interface (API) allows two applications to talk with each other. The Dwolla API is used to connect businesses to the ACH Network for the purposes of sending and receiving payments electronically. Dwolla provides a streamlined digital payment experience, which is the expectation for many consumers and can save businesses time, money and stress. Meet your connection to better payments.

White Label

Businesses keep their branding and user experience in the spotlight while Dwolla’s ACH API facilitates payments behind the scenes.


Design the best workflow for your business with Dwolla’s flexible ACH payment API, regardless of payment flow.


Add some predictability to your business and take more control of your cash flow with a payment platform that comes with a 99.9% uptime.

Powerful & Simple ACH API

Dwolla’s ACH optimized API allows a business to be up and running with a minimum of four endpoints, making an ACH payment integration incredibly easy. With our API reference documentation and how-to guides, a few well-designed endpoints can handle the most complex payment needs.

easy-to-integrate dwolla api

Focus on Your Business

ACH payments can be fraught with compliance headaches and complex infrastructures. Instead of building your own integration with the ACH Network, Dwolla’s ACH payment API acts as an on-ramp to the ACH Network, providing your business with a powerful payment platform. Businesses that integrate with Dwolla have access to operational notifications and webhooks, plus premium features.

Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) via Dwolla’s API

Dwolla connects businesses to the ACH Network, a funds-transfer system known for its reliability and relative security. To keep transfers safe, Dwolla requires identity verification.

If an initial identity verification attempt fails because the information provided did not satisfy the verification check, the account will go to a Retry state. Using KBA in the API, the end user will not be asked to provide their full social security number and will instead be prompted to answer four questions that are specific to each individual user. If the user answers 75% of the questions correctly, the account will be verified. If not, the account goes into Document status.

KBA in the API is a more elegant process for onboarding with Dwolla and removes some of the uncertainty users can experience before providing personally identifiable information.

“Our transaction volume has grown significantly since initially integrating with Dwolla. What’s great to see is that even as our transactions increase, the percentage of unsuccessful transactions continue to decrease.”
Nick Hill
Finance & Accounting Manager
“We are able to work as a partner with Dwolla. We’re working on some custom things to make our workflow and processing easier. Being able to have that conversation and go down that road, regardless of what happens, is great. Dwolla feels like more of a partnership than just another vendor.”
Bernard Worthy
CEO & Co-Founder
“What distinguished Dwolla was the heavy emphasis on compliance and the overall polish around the white-label aspect of the business. The API was clean, easy to understand and we were up and running very quickly compared to some of the other vendors.”
Peter Shankar

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