Simple, affordable ACH payouts.

MassPay makes disbursement quick and cost-effective for small businesses, individuals, non-profits, and government organizations nationwide. Anyone with a Dwolla account can pay out up to 5,000 people at once, or build MassPay into their app with our API.*

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*You can send money to U.S. residents only.

Faster than paper checks

Whether it's for marketplace commissions, payroll, reimbursements, winnings, or honoraria, your recipients will appreciate how quickly they'll get paid. Mass payouts sent directly from a bank account take as few as 1-4 business days depending on your financial institution.

Easy recordkeeping

Quickly search for transactions by date range, amount range, or name. MassPay jobs are detailed in your transaction history and monthly statements. Any unclaimed funds will always be returned to your Dwolla balance, making it easier to reconcile exceptions.

Generous limits

You can pay out up to 5,000 people in a single mass payment, with no cap on the number of mass payments you can make. Plus, Dwolla can work with you to set a maximum per-transaction amount that's right for you.

Streamlined Direct Deposit

First-time recipients simply provide a password, full name, and account and routing numbers to set up Dwolla Direct and securely receive funds in a connected bank account. Subsequent transfers will be routed straight to their bank account.

Worry less

Send money to an email address or 10-digit Dwolla ID—no need to collect bank accounts or routing numbers. With Dwolla, sensitive financial information isn't circulated between members, reducing a significant source of fraud risk. Learn more

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