Find Out How Much Your Business Can Save With Electronic Payments

Answer a few questions to understand how much the ACH Network can benefit your bottom line.

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Presented by Nacha, the governing body of the ACH Network, this cost calculator can estimate how much payments are costing your business. 

Using credit cards, wire transfers or paper checks means your business could be overpaying for payments.

This calculator can tell you just how much that may be and learn how much the ACH Network could improve your bottom line.

Lower Transaction Costs with ACH Payments

Excluding cash transactions, ACH transactions have some of the lowest transaction fees. These low fees are another benefit of a payment integration.

For example, a $500 transaction would come with various fees depending the platform used to transfer the funds:

  • ACH – $0.55
  • Paper check – $1.22
  • Credit Card – $9.60 (1.9 percent fee x $500 transaction + $0.10 transaction fee)
  • Wire Transfer – $15-$30 fee

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