Comparing a Payments Provider vs. Handling Payments In-House

Explore the pros and cons of each option.

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If you want to process ACH payments with your business, there are two options to get started: partner with a Financial Institution to access the ACH Network or integrate with a programmable payments platform, such as Dwolla, to access the ACH Network.

This guide will weigh the following with each option:

  • Security and compliance considerations – data encryption, requirements and more
  • Speed to market – consider the time to launch
  • Customization options – determine the level of flexibility you need
  • Staffing considerations – what roles should you consider to succeed with ACH payments?
  • Ease of implementation – how much help your team needs to go live
  • Risks and responsibilities – what your business is responsible for addressing

Weigh Your Payments Options

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If you’ve been looking to send funds via the ACH Network as part of your business, you must do the diligent work of making sure you’re setting up everything in accordance with applicable compliance rules and procedures.

You could set up your own Origination program and become an expert with the Nacha rule book. Or, you could integrate with a proven ACH payments API like Dwolla.

Read this guide for all the details on each option and determine which choice is best for your company.