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Virtual Account Numbers

Unlock Connections to Banks & Fintechs

Dwolla’s Virtual Account Numbers can be used to make your application compatible with any application that recognizes an ACH routable account.

VAN Image: Bank image with 9 circles that circle around it.

With Virtual Account Numbers, You Could…

  • Streamline complex account-to-account payments.
  • Receive and disburse funds without asking for account numbers.
  • Fund directly from multiple sources: bank, wallet, payroll and more.
  • Help recipients reconcile transactions through automation.


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Are you struggling with complicated workflows to send and receive funds between parties, such as banks, payment providers, customers and end users? Virtual Account Numbers can help simplify your complex account-to-account payments from end to end.

Dwolla’s Virtual Account Numbers product is currently in pilot and being tested with a small number of clients. If you’d like to be a design client, let us know. We’re excited to help more companies take advantage of this functionality.

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