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Receiving Payment Notifications Through Slack

Stay on top of your payments integration by receiving Slack messages from the Dwolla Platform as specific events occur.

Enabling This Integration

Within the Dwolla Dashboard, toggle on the Slack integration and choose the channel that you’d like to be sent notifications to within your workspace, and select the events to trigger those notifications to your team. These events can be anything from a failed payment transfer, successful verification of a customer or a Dwolla Balance going negative. When a notification is sent from the Dwolla platform, no personally identifiable information is passed; upon clicking the notification within Slack, the receiver will be asked to login to the Dwolla Dashboard and verify their credentials before reviewing information related to the notification.

Dwolla Dashboard Slack integration

Automating Important Notifications

Enabling Slack messages from Dwolla’s payments platform gives businesses another opportunity to get alerted of their users and payment activity.

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