Use Dwolla with Sift Science to detect and prevent fraud with easy-to-integrate, real-time risk scoring.

How the Dwolla & Sift Science Integration Works

Using large-scale learning with unparalleled accuracy, Sift Science leverages a global network of fraud data to improve risk management and predict fraudulent behavior in real time.

Sift Science’s software can detect and monitor suspicious activity while providing real-time risk scoring.

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Improve ACH Risk Management in 3 steps

Create a Sift Account

Start by signing up for a Sift Account and obtaining your API key.

As Simple as Flipping a Switch

Go to your Dwolla Dashboard Integrations page and toggle Sift on.

Enter Your API Key

After you enter your Sift Key, start monitoring fraud in real-time.

Let’s Get Started

Interested in Sift Science’s risk scoring within the Dwolla Platform? Reach out to Sift Science to setup an account. After setup, you’ll be up and running with large-scale machine learning to provide risk management and prevent fraud.

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