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Receiving ACH Payment Data in QuickBooks

Minimize manual data entry using the QuickBooks integration with Dwolla to send ACH transfer data to your QuickBooks account.

Faster Account Reconciliation

As a way to combine QuickBooks and ACH payments, Dwolla’s OAuth flow can authorize this integration from the Dwolla Dashboard in seconds. This integration allows ACH payment and transfer events to be exported to a QuickBooks account in real-time. Simply toggle this integration from the Dwolla Dashboard to activate.

Accounting and finance departments can avoid manually exporting payment data—known as double data entry—while improving the accuracy of your records.

Comparing Transaction Costs

Excluding cash transactions, ACH transactions have some of the lowest payment transaction fees.

For a $500 transaction, the average fee would be:

  • ACH Transfer – $0.55
  • Paper Check – $7.88
  • Credit Card – $9.60
  • Wire Transfer – $30

In addition to decreasing payment processing fees, businesses that move to electronic payments save on average, around $7 per physically issued check. Using our payments cost calculator can help a business owner estimate how much they could save by switching or offering more ACH payments.


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