How the Dwolla & Plaid Integration Works

Dwolla uses Plaid Auth, a user-friendly front-end module, for joint customers to provide bank account verification with access tokens. Using tokenization, bank accounts are linked with purpose-built tokens between the Plaid and Dwolla platforms.

Within this integration, Plaid functions as a vault. It uses short-lived tokens to protect the data, while allowing the distribution of user-permissioned information to Dwolla without requiring our customers to store it.

The concept of providing value to an otherwise valueless item has real application in the digital world, specifically as it relates to security. It’s why tokenization is at the core of the Dwolla Platform, and it’s something we value in our partnership with Plaid.

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Plaid account verification screenshot

3 Steps to better ACH fraud management

Step 1:
Sign up for your Plaid API Keys

Create an account and receive your Plaid client ID and secret.

Step 2:
Integrate with Plaid Auth

It takes just a few lines of code to drop Plaid’s front-end module into your app or website.

Step 3:
Initiate Bank Transfers

Accept ACH payments via Dwolla’s easy-to-use payment API.

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