Instant ACH Authentication

Use Plaid to instantly verify your users’ bank accounts to set up ACH payments. Start with just a few lines of code to integrate Plaid’s front-end module into your app or website. Users verify their bank accounts in seconds with a mobile-friendly flow that’s optimized for conversion.

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Digital Trust & Safety

Dwolla partners with Sift to provide the Digital Trust & Safety Suite, which combines custom machine learning models with data from Sift’s network of 34,000 sites and apps to deliver unparalleled accuracy that proactively prevents fraudulent behavior. Sift makes it easier to prevent fraud, streamline operations and drive revenue growth.

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We found Dwolla to have one of the best ACH-optimized APIs on the market. When it comes to dealing with the traditional complexities of building on top of the U.S. banking system, Dwolla’s API wraps the power of ACH into a flexible and straightforward integration.
Alex Nazem
CEO, Nomad Health

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