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Allows transmission of data to a third party for notifications, analysis and reporting.


Allows a third party to create, update and delete an API resource.


Allows a third party to initiate a transaction on behalf of a customer.

Current Integration Partners



Toggle on this functionality from within the dashboard to get notifications about specific events with Slack messages from Dwolla’s ACH API.

Digital Trust & Safety


The Digital Trust & Safety Suite combines custom machine learning models with data from Sift’s network of 34,000 sites and apps to deliver unparalleled accuracy that proactively prevents fraudulent behavior. Sift makes it easier to prevent fraud, streamline operations and drive revenue growth.



From the dashboard, download transaction reporting to your QuickBooks account and get payment information in front of the people that need to see it.

Instant ACH Authentication


Instantly verify your users’ bank accounts to set up ACH payments using a few lines of code to integrate Plaid’s front-end module into your app or website. Users verify their bank accounts in seconds with a mobile-friendly flow that’s optimized for conversion.

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