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Fast, Flexible Payments for the Transportation Industry

Attract new clients to your platform and automate B2B payments by embedding an account-to-account payment API into your platform.

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Fund flow: Freight Forwarder Completes Onboarding 2. Authorizes Debit Transaction 3. Same Day ACH Transfer Initiated 4. Webhook Notification Confirms Transaction 5. Shipping Platform Receives Funds

Growing Revenue by Enabling Your Peers to Transact With Each Other

Problem: Manual billing practices leave funds in limbo.
Whether your customers are carriers and freight forwarders, cargo facilities or transportation factoring platforms, mailing checks and manually sorting financial transactions will cost time and money.
Solution: Facilitate Transactions Between Your End Users
Automate your B2B payments with an API that can facilitate transactions on your platform. Faster payment methods are available to control the timing of transactions and the speed at which they reach their destination.
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Embrace the Flexibility to Innovate

Multiple Funds Flows

Send, collect and facilitate transfers between end users on your platform using a payment API with multiple funds flows, customer types and payment speeds.

Combine Different Account to Account Payment Types

Control the timing of your payables and receivables with payment methods like standard ACH, Same Day ACH, and real-time payments.

Dedicated Support

Access a team of payments professionals eager to support your marketplace and identify growth opportunities.
“With real-time payments, it doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend or a holiday, independent contractors and driver-contractors can have funds in their bank account minutes after a transaction is initiated.”
CEO at Ualett

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