Rental platforms can allow their tenants and landlords to electronically send or receive payments through the ACH Network

Low Transaction Fees

Low Transaction Fees

ACH transactions are among the cheapest type of bank transfers
Connect Bank Accounts

Connect Bank Accounts

Dwolla’s Instant Account Verification (IAV) allows a tenant to connect and verify a bank account quickly to pay rent online
Automatic Record Keeping

Automatic Record Keeping

No more managing payments in a spreadsheet, use the Dwolla dashboard to view transaction history and identify insights into your business

Integrating with Dwolla

PayRent helps property managers collect rent, without needing to collect paper checks. The PayRent platform provides tools for property managers to collect and keep track of rent payments through an easy-to-use dashboard.

PayRent needed an ACH API to help them power their payments. In Dwolla, they found a solution that allowed them to seamlessly integrate with well-designed endpoints that can facilitate complex payments.

See the Dwolla Difference 

Dwolla Presents Payments as Simply as They Should Be

Connecting to the ACH Network—through Dwolla—gives you reliable, predictable payment initiations. And what rental property manager doesn’t love predictable reliability?

White-label API

Keep your brand at the forefront while the Dwolla API powers transactions behind-the-scenes within your application

Reliable Platform

Integrating with the Dwolla Platform means your rental application gains a partner as your transaction volumes grow and scale
  • Predictable pricing
  • 99.9% uptime

Making the Complex, Reasonable

Initiating ACH transactions isn’t simple but our developer documentation and dedicated support will serve as your onramp to the Dwolla Platform and the ACH Network
  • Dedicated support channels
  • Developer documentation and guides
“Starting with a payment company is an immediate uphill adventure, but utilizing Dwolla’s API makes that adventure less burdensome. I evaluated nearly a dozen payment companies and Dwolla has what I would consider a superior product.”
Ryan Abell

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