Real Estate Management

Digitizing Your Payments

Streamline the payments for real estate transactions or offer your tenants the option to pay their rent within your application using Dwolla’s programmable payment platform.

Create the Best Online Payment Experience

Real estate agents are hired to remove friction from the home buying and selling process. Renting a home or apartment passes maintenance costs onto landlords and property managers, making life more convenient for the tenants.

Offering an online payment option has added another layer of convenience to the real estate industry.

By integrating the Dwolla API, property managers can accept rent payments online and improve their margins; Earnest money dues and mortgage payments can be paid online and transferred between bank accounts to avoid collecting or depositing checks. By integrating Dwolla, accept or send payments within your application and sync your accounting software to update when transactions are initiated. Your online payment option will create an experience where both the customer and accounting department can benefit.

Transaction Transparency

The Dwolla Dashboard can simplify your accounting processes with real-time transaction updates that sync with your accounting software to simplify reconciliation.

Frictionless Onboarding

Request minimal information from your users by verifying an existing bank account so they can make a payment online.

Seamless Automation

After an end user provides authorization, debit their account and transfer funds directly from one bank account to another without requiring any manual interaction from your user.

Calculate Your Savings

This cost calculator from Nacha will estimate how much you could save by switching from credit cards and paper checks to offering an ACH payment option. Input your monthly transaction volumes to receive your estimate.

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“Same Day ACH allowed us to market ourselves in a way that made us more attractive."
Chief Technology Officer
“Dwolla enables us to disrupt what is currently happening, which is that initiating a rent payment is costing people money. With Dwolla, we’re able to provide more value to our customers by not charging a fee for residents to pay what is probably the biggest bill of the month.”
CEO & Founder
“It’s always risky changing the engine in flight. The aspect of going live with a new payments partner was where Dwolla really shined. Dwolla helped us convert from our old provider, it was seamless.”
Chief Technology Officer
"Our relationship with Dwolla has been great and that’s going on over four years now and through different versions of the API. It has worked well with our product and our users. We’ve loved it, we’ve grown a lot with Dwolla and look to do more."
Founder & CEO
If you are wanting a really good user experience and not wanting to send your users to a third party to connect a bank account, I don’t think you have a choice. Dwolla is right up there in terms of an API, it’s probably the best solution we’ve found in terms of facilitating payments.

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