Part of a landlord’s job is to make living convenient for their tenants. Prompt service with the tenant in mind is how property managers stay competitive. More and more, property managers are connecting to the ACH Network to electronically send and receive payments from tenants, landlords and service providers. Dwolla helps make that connection possible.

Improved Margins

Bank-to-bank transfers let property managers avoid costly fees and other related costs compared to credit cards and paper checks.

Simple Onboarding

Request minimal information from your tenants and still allow them to pay rent online by verifying an existing bank account.

Improved Record Keeping

View transaction history, identify insights and initiate payments all from the Dwolla Dashboard.

Integrating with Dwolla

Dwolla customer Homebase is a company that helps property managers automate manual management tasks. Homebase is also an industry leader in “enhanced living,” allowing residents to connect their mobile phone with a variety of Internet of Things devices, such as doors, locks and thermostats. Using the Homebase mobile app or website, each tenant can control their environment and pay their rent online using Dwolla to connect to the ACH Network. Homebase makes life easier for tenants and landlords. By initiating the payments, Dwolla makes life easier for Homebase.

See the Dwolla Difference 

homebase phone app Dwolla security phone image

Data Protection

In the Real Estate industry trust is paramount. Dwolla’s sophisticated security practices offer solutions that give businesses confidence. That means managing and testing our controls until they meet our standards—and then doing it all again.

  • Data In Transit

    Using Transport Layer Security (TLS), we encrypt sensitive data that is actively moving between our platform and your application.
  • Data at Rest

    Using sophisticated security controls, we protect data on our servers and in our databases.
  • NSA Suite B Aligned Cryptography

    Dwolla aligns itself with some of the best-practice standards released by the NSA to protect our customers' financial data.

Dwolla Presents Payments as Simply as They Should Be

Property managers can accept payments using Dwolla and the ACH Network to enable tenants to pay rent online. They trust Dwolla because of our leading features and services.

Iterative Security

As technology and risks evolve, Dwolla’s security team uses iterative practices to stay ahead.

Reliable Platform

Integrating with the Dwolla Platform means your property management platform gains a partner as your transaction volumes grow and scale.

Making the Complex, Reasonable

Moving money isn’t simple, but our developer documentation and dedicated support will serve as your onramp to the Dwolla Platform and the ACH Network.

Innovative Property Management Companies Trust Dwolla’s ACH API

“Some larger platforms can force the business application themselves to take possession of the payments. So for a landlord or a tenant, that’s not a real ideal way to handle their payments. Dwolla gave us the flexibility to structure our funds flow so when a payment is sent, we don’t touch the funds."
Joe Edgar
Founder & CEO

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