Micro-Investment applications are partnering with Dwolla to leverage the ACH Network for transactions. Partner with Dwolla for your investment platform or to round-up users’ purchases so they can save while they spend.

Use Your Wallet

Dwolla’s payment platform and built-in wallet functionality allow a user to hold a balance without requiring the setup of a new bank account

Insights Into User Spending

With Dwolla’s dashboard, pull transaction history from your application to gain insights into your business

Predictable Costs

Dwolla offers a fixed subscription to remove any guesswork and provide predictable costs as your transaction volumes increase in size and frequency

Integrating with Dwolla

EnergyFunders is an investment platform that simplifies raising capital and offers direct investment opportunities into oil and gas projects, developing companies and emerging technologies. Before Dwolla, EnergyFunders would send paper checks to pay investors or fund projects.

Since integrating with Dwolla, EnergyFunders saved 20% on its costs by cutting the amount of time mailing paper checks by 50%.

“We could issue a mass payment, tell it the breakdown for each individual user based on their investment percentage and then it pays them all out in one go. It’s much easier to keep track of and manage and is simpler overall.”

-Aalok Shah, CTO of EnergyFunders

See the Dwolla Difference 

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Data Protection

In the Investments industry trust is paramount. Dwolla’s sophisticated security practices offer solutions that give businesses confidence. That means managing and testing our controls until they meet our standards—and then doing it all again.

  • Data In Transit

    Using Transport Layer Security (TLS), we encrypt sensitive data that is actively moving between our platform and your application.
  • Data at Rest

    Using sophisticated security controls, we protect data on our servers and in our databases.
  • NSA Suite B Aligned Cryptography

    Dwolla aligns itself with some of the best-practice standards released by the NSA to protect our customers' financial data.

Dwolla Presents Payments as Simply as They Should Be

Just because your business is micro-investments doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reap macro-benefits. With Dwolla, you can get up and running with our powerful and simple API with a minimum of four endpoints, get help with the complexities of compliance and gain access to powerful data in our dynamic dashboard and admin.

White-label API

Keep your brand at the forefront while the Dwolla API powers transactions behind-the-scenes within your application
  • Design the best workflow for your business
  • Branded operational notifications

Reliable Platform

Integrating with the Dwolla Platform means your micro-investment application gains a partner as your transaction volumes grow and scale
  • Predictable pricing
  • 99.9% uptime

Making the Complex, Reasonable

ACH transfers aren’t simple, but our developer documentation and dedicated support will serve as your onramp to the Dwolla Platform and the ACH Network
  • Dedicated support channels
  • Seamless integration with developer advocates
"Dwolla custom tailored a solution to something that we needed. We have a full money moving system without having to do any of it. And it looks like it is coming from us, with our look and feel.”
Chris Bruno
Rally Rd. CEO

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