Time Savings

Making marketplace payments with paper checks means waiting for each check to be mailed and delivered. Move money faster using an ACH API.

Cost Savings

Payments are a marketplace’s life-blood. Send money directly to a bank account using Dwolla’s ACH API without costly credit card fees or boxes of paper checks.

Additional Revenue

Marketplaces that choose Dwolla as their payment solution can facilitate transactions between users on their platform and charge a facilitation fee on each transaction.

How Much Money Could ACH Payments Save Your Business?

This cost calculator, presented by Nacha, the governing body of the ACH Network, will estimate how much your marketplace is paying for payments.

After answering a few questions, understand how much the ACH Network can benefit your bottom line.

payments calculator image

Why Dwolla for Your Marketplace Payment Solution?

Dwolla enables online marketplaces to programmatically send and receive payments—directly to and from bank accounts within the United States. With Dwolla as your online marketplace payment solution, connect with the ACH Network to efficiently move money.

Scalable Payment Processes

Send up to 5,000 payments at once using only a few clicks of a button with Dwolla’s mass payment functionality.

Reliable ACH API

Dwolla maintains a 99.9% uptime, giving online marketplaces and their vendors peace of mind knowing money can always be moved.

Facilitate Transactions

Allow your end users to transact with each other, without your marketplace ever coming into possession of the funds.
“Paying out the boat owners should be so simple that you don’t need to think about it. It is that seamless with Dwolla.”
Bryan Petro
COO of GetMyBoat
“Tophatter makes it easy for sellers to move a high volume of products every month. Leveraging Dwolla’s ACH payment API makes it easy for us to pay out the merchants in a timely fashion.”
Charlie Spencer
Director of Trust & Safety at Tophatter
“After the implementation, we were able to very quickly turn on new features, such as Same Day ACH, in just a few days to meet our payment needs. The turnaround time, and all in all, the Dwolla team was great to work with.”
Noah Labhart
CTO & Co-Founder of Veryable

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