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Make Investing Accessible for Investors

Empower your investors and sponsors with a payment service provider that is flexible, reliable and easy-to-use. Cut the fundraising process down to minutes with streamlined account-to-account transactions.

Fund flow mobile payment solutions: 1. Investment Created as VAN 2. Verified Users Authorize Debit Transaction 3. Account to Account Transfer Initiated 4. Notification of Transaction 5. Funds Transferred to Investment 6. Ledger Records Activity

Attract & Retain Users with Streamlined Payments

Problem: Fundraising involves clunky, manual processes that are not built for scale.
Whether your customers are investing or raising funds, manual processes for payments and data collection create opportunities for errors and unnecessary friction for both sides of the transaction.
Solution: Use automation to handle large volumes of transactions with speed.
Combine the flexibility of a payment API with the efficiency of account-to-account payments to create a payment solution for investment and crowdfunding platforms that accommodates multiple customer types and funds flows.
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Embrace the Flexibility to Innovate

Multiple Funds Flows

Send, collect and facilitate transfers between end users on your platform using a payment API with multiple funds flows, customer types and payment speeds.

Combine Different Account to Account Payment Types

Control the timing of your payables and receivables with payment methods like standard ACH, Same Day ACH, real-time payments and push-to-debit.

Dedicated Support

Access a team of payments professionals eager to support your marketplace and identify growth opportunities.
“From our perspective Dwolla was the solution that could actually meet our needs—support, tech and cost.”
Co-Founder and CTO at CharityVest

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