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Create Your Own Menu of Payment Options

Incentivize merchants on your platform to transact using bank transfers by embedding modern payments technology into your flow of funds.

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Fund Flow graphic: Consumer Completes Onboarding 2. Bill Received 3. Consumer Authorizes Debit Transaction 4. Webhook Notifies Business 5. Debited Funds Arrive in Business Wallet

Transaction Fees Eat into Profits

Problem: The threat of returns slows adoption of credit card alternatives.
Merchants want to keep more of each transaction but consumers naturally default to using a credit card for in-person transactions.
Solution: Replicate the point-of-sale experience using real-time bank transfers.
Embedding a modern API into a food tech platform can improve customer experience with fast and reliable payments. Customers can order online, split payments and collect their earnings through a branded experience meant for scale.
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Embrace the Flexibility to Innovate

Multiple Funds Flows

Send, collect and facilitate transfers between end users on your platform using a payment API with multiple funds flows, customer types and payment speeds.

Combine Different Account to Account Payment Types

Control the timing of your payables and receivables with payment methods like standard ACH, Same Day ACH, and real-time payments.

Dedicated Support

Access a team of payments professionals eager to support your marketplace and identify growth opportunities.
“Automating the royalty payments process via ACH really resonates with our franchisors. They are often very manual processes. Automation provides error reduction, cost savings and gives them time back in their day to work on other things.”
David Glines
President of Zorzees

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