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Reliable Payments Embedded Within Entertainment Platforms

Create a solution for disbursements or a sophisticated funds flow to enable transactions to occur on your platform for gaming, fantasy sports and other forms of entertainment.

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Fund flow: New User Created, Verification Complete, User Assigned Dwolla Balance, User Authorizes Debit Transfer, and Platform Debits Account.

Make the Good Times Roll

Problem: Entertainment industries are considered regulatory intensive environments.
Entertainment platforms can quickly onboard with a payments provider only to find out months later that because their industry is considered a “high risk payment activity,” the provider is freezing accounts.
Solution: Find a payments partner, not just a service provider.
Create a payment system with a provider that takes the time to know your customers, funds flows and regulatory requirements.
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Embrace the Flexibility to Innovate for Growth

Multiple Funds Flows

Send, collect and facilitate transfers between end users on your platform using a payment API with multiple funds flows, customer types and payment speeds.

Combine Different Account to Account Payment Types

Control the timing of your payables and receivables with payment methods like standard ACH, Same Day ACH, and real-time payments.

Dedicated Support

Access a team of payments professionals eager to support you through implementation and consult on growth opportunities.
“We didn’t design our app to be a bank. We looked at banks that offered APIs into their banking system, we looked at payroll systems but we kept running into a scaling problem. We didn’t want to go back and retrofit for scale. That’s what made Dwolla attractive.”
Mike Holmes
CEO of

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