Businesses can programmatically issue reimbursements through the Dwolla Platform and the ACH Network

Easily Connect Bank Accounts

Verify bank accounts and transfer funds with a simple user experience

Retain Company Branding

Keep your brand at the forefront while Dwolla’s secure ACH payments platform is seamlessly integrated into your user experience

Mitigate Risk

Partnering with Dwolla can help you decrease the risk of ACH returns with balance checking and fraud monitoring

Integrating with Dwolla

Bento for Business is an expense management provider allowing employers to control employee spending with the Bento Card

Before launching the Bento Card the company needed the ability for employers to seamlessly connect a bank account that would be used to upload funds associated with each card.

After considering other solutions, Bento integrated Dwolla’s API to deliver the required functionality that was suited to their branding.

See the Dwolla Difference 

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Data Protection

In the Financial Technology industry trust is paramount. Dwolla’s sophisticated security practices offer solutions that give businesses confidence. That means managing and testing our controls until they meet our standards—and then doing it all again.

  • Data In Transit

    Using Transport Layer Security (TLS), we encrypt sensitive data that is actively moving between our platform and your application.
  • Data at Rest

    Using sophisticated security controls, we protect data on our servers and in our databases.
  • NSA Suite B Aligned Cryptography

    Dwolla aligns itself with some of the best-practice standards released by the NSA to protect our customers' financial data.

Dwolla Presents Payments as Simply as They Should Be

Don’t expense quality. Connecting to the ACH Network is Dwolla’s core competency, allowing your business to reimburse employees quickly and securely through the ACH Network

White-label API

Keep your brand at the forefront while the Dwolla API powers transactions behind-the-scenes within your application

Reliable Platform

Integrating with Dwolla Platform means your expense management tool gains a partner as your transaction volumes grow and scale
  • Predictable pricing
  • 99.9% uptime

Making the Complex, Reasonable

ACH transfers aren’t simple, but our developer documentation and dedicated support will serve as your onramp to the Dwolla Platform and the ACH Network
  • Dedicated support channels
  • Developer Documentation and Guides

Reimburse With Confidence

Trust is paramount, so choose a payment solution wisely. Dwolla uses iterative security to stay ahead of the adversaries
  • Third-party testing
  • Tokenization
  • SSAE 18 SOC2 Type 2
"Dwolla offers simplicity where we can do everything under one API, with one team. If you want an all-in-one shop that can service the bank authentication and initiate ACH transfers, in lieu of going after these disparate parts—Dwolla is your solution."
Jeff Pomeroy
VP of Product
leo headshot encast ceo
Dwolla has reduced stress and increased accuracy substantially. We’ve had no errors whatsoever in tracking donations since integrating with Dwolla. Dwolla helps me honestly say that anything that was given, was given away.
Leo Ramirez Jr.
Encast CEO

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