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Program Your Marketplace Payments

Enable e-commerce at scale by quickly onboarding a customer’s bank to transfer funds to an account from within your marketplace.

Build Customer Loyalty Using Programmable Payments

There is nothing worse for a marketplace than losing a prospective customer at checkout because of unexpected processing fees. These types of surprise fees can create distrust and ruin the customer experience.

As a way of minimizing these scenarios, marketplaces are integrating Dwolla’s programmable payment platform.

Take control of your payment experience and avoid surprising your end users—unless the surprise is for a good reason! Integrate our white-label payment API directly into your marketplace without sacrificing your branding and transfer funds programmatically without the fees that come with credit cards. Manage your payments from a customizable dashboard, monitor activity in real-time and receive notifications as events happen within your marketplace.

Solving Payment Problems For Your Marketplace

Offer an online payment solution that meets the needs of both your marketplace and your end users.

Problem: Payments Are Time-Consuming

Your staff is spending multiple hours each week mailing checks to merchants and constantly monitoring account details.

Solution: Scalable Platform

Programmatically send up to 5,000 payments at once using our mass payment feature or offer instant payouts to a debit card.

Problem: Inaccurate Record Keeping

Tracking payments using a spreadsheet creates stressful situations when discrepancies occur regarding payments with merchants.

Solution: Reliable Reconciliation

Sync your accounting software with Dwolla’s payment API to update in real-time when any activity happens on your platform.

Problem: Multiple User Experiences

Your customers are leaving your ecosystem to enter their payment information, losing the trust you’ve worked hard to establish.

Solution: Consistent Experiences

White-label our programmable payments platform to add payment functionality to your marketplace and keep your users within your ecosystem.

Calculate Your Savings

This cost calculator from Nacha can estimate how much your marketplace could save by switching from credit cards and paper checks to offering an online ACH payment option. Input your monthly transaction totals then receive your estimate.

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“It got so bad that we began using a credit card to accelerate payouts. When you’re a marketplace, sacrificing two-to-three percent of your profit margin to maintain a user experience that you don’t even control is just bad business.”
“The sophistication of Dwolla’s technology builds trust within our marketplace community and the experience really validates us as a player in this space.”
COO & Co-Founder
“For payouts in the United States, Dwolla really made sense. Especially as we were looking for a partner that could scale with us. And looking at the technology side, we were really impressed with not only the documentation but the ease of integration.”

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