Partner Spotlight

Reselling Payments Platform

Building a financial application on the Hydrogen Platform can have payments functionality using Dwolla’s programmable payment platform.

Giving Hydrogen Some Flavor

Hydrogen offers a custom application development platform or a no-code solution that can be white-labeled for building financial applications. As a reseller within the Dwolla Partner Ecosystem, Hydrogen will offer payments infrastructure to its clients and work with them to complete the integration.

Applications can offer an electronic ACH payment method as part of a robust build out on the Hydrogen Platform.

Dwolla was built on innovation from the very beginning. Since then, Dwolla has led the industry in delivering the best solution for transferring funds in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way. As a key player in our robust fintech arsenal, Dwolla’s programmable payments platform will open the doors to an entirely new payment experience for our customers.
Mike Kane
Co-Founder & CEO of Hydrogen

Building Interactive Financial Applications

Digitize your current experience with a configurable, no-code application for the financial industry. Hydrogen offers designers and developers a prototyping library with UI components for quick prototyping, making it easier to iterate and launch an application.


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