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Virtual Account Numbers

Organize payment workflows with Dwolla’s Virtual Account Number (VAN) feature.

Simplify Payment Workflows From End-to-End

Streamline a convoluted payment process. Transfer funds to and from a Dwolla Balance (digital wallet) without depositing them into an intermediary bank account or collecting bank account and routing information.

Revamped Reconciliation

Spin up a VAN to easily track the sources of funds.

Flexible Funds Flows

Use VANs for payment facilitation, B2B payments, cash management and more.

Reduced Risk

Transfer funds more safely by creating VANs and deactivate them just as quickly, if needed.

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“We wanted to work with a tech solution that would essentially do what we do for health insurance and take the complexity out of the equation when it came to payments. AutoPay with Dwolla is our solution to replicate the group insurance experience.”
Director of Product at Take Command

Receive Payments From Any Type of Account

Dwolla’s VANs feature is unlike anything in the market today. Whether it’s a demand deposit account, mobile wallet or regular payroll, our virtual account numbers let you receive a payment from any type of account that supports account-to-account transactions.

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