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When working with payments, it’s important for Dwolla’s clients to be able to access transaction information. With the Dwolla Platform, businesses can easily access a comprehensive list of transactions that have affected their own Dwolla account, as well as a monthly activity summary. Download a CSV document to obtain a complete list of activity affecting the Dwolla Master Account Balance or download a PDF document for a high-level summary from the prior month.

Note: Statements provide a comprehensive list of transactions for Dwolla Clients containing transactions that have come into contact with the Dwolla Master Account Balance (e.g., payments to or from end users). Currently, Statements do not provide monthly reporting on applications where money moves between end users.

Efficient Processes

Manually finding financial data is time-consuming and inefficient. Leverage Dwolla’s intuitive dashboard to easily access a high-level Dwolla Master Account Balance summary or download a comprehensive transaction list that shows the activity that has impacted the Dwolla Master Account Balance.

Data Sophistication

Conveniently download and view transaction data to simplify reconciling monthly books, and gain valuable insights to influence business decisions.

Consolidate Costs

Stop paying a third party to help you access transaction data and start streamlining your reporting process by downloading your monthly statements directly from the Dwolla Dashboard. Additionally, transactional insights can still be pulled through the Dwolla API.

Summarizing Financial Transactions

Statements are an essential piece of the Dwolla Platform that continue to support Dwolla customers as they scale their businesses. By providing access to such meaningful information within the Dwolla Dashboard or API, companies can view monthly trends and transaction data to help make more informed decisions.

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