Security and Privacy Matter

Protecting user data is a top priority at Dwolla. To help build additional confidence and understanding in the methods that Dwolla uses to protect the information that is shared within the platform, Dwolla has provided answers to some common questions that users may have regarding security and privacy.

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How does the Dwolla Platform protect my money?
Dwolla does not receive, own, hold, or transmit funds. Rather, Dwolla provides a software platform that allows users to send funds transfer instructions to Dwolla’s Financial Institution Partners (as defined in the Dwolla Terms of Service).

How is user information protected?
Personal financial information is encrypted when stored within the platform. Information transmitted between the Dwolla platform and partners is protected with the use of hardened Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure a secure communication channel.

Does Dwolla sell any personal information that is collected within applications?
No. See our Privacy Policy under the section heading “How does Dwolla share my personal information?”.

How does Dwolla integrate effective information security?
Read more about Dwolla’s security practices here, but here are some highlights:

  • Dwolla has full-time teams dedicated to information security
  • Dwolla’s platform is regularly evaluated by multiple scanning engines and routinely tested by independent security firms
  • Using Transport Layer Security (TLS), we encrypt sensitive data that is actively moving between our platform and your application. At rest, sensitive data is stored using a strong encryption standard with the use of 256-bit keys
  • Dwolla provides additional security when logging into an account with two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is a secure login process requiring two types of identification (login credentials and a one time passcode)

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