Instantly Send Money to a Debit Card

Initiate payments that provide 24/7/365 access to funds using Dwolla’s Push-to-Debit functionality.

Instant Payouts to a Debit Card

Push funds from your business to a user’s debit card in near real-time—even on holidays, weekends and outside of normal business hours.

Simplified Pricing

We offer instant payments for one flat fee, not based on a percentage of each transaction.

Monitor Transaction Activity

Transactions can be monitored within a dashboard and sorted by customer, status or date.

Card Tokenization

We’ve abstracted the card networks to offer an instant payment feature where sensitive data is protected.

Straightforward Integration

Follow along with our robust documentation and use our testing environment to save hundreds of developer hours implementing push-to-debit functionality within your application.

Rapid Responses to Payments

Push-to-Debit offers a slew of advantages for businesses wanting to access instant payments. Dwolla allows a payment to be initiated in three steps: create a customer, add a funding source and initiate the payment. The speed, efficiency and control associated with push payments can help a business overcome the challenges with depositing checks and create a competitive advantage to get funds in the hands of their customers quicker.

Explore the Functionality
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From P2P to Business Applications

Instant payouts first came to many consumers’ attention through P2P mobile applications, enabling them to quickly reimburse or pay a friend. Since then, businesses in all industries have found a demand for faster payments to consumers, employees or other businesses. Some notable examples include:

  • Insurance Claim Reimbursements
  • Gig Economy Payments
  • Online Lenders
  • Retailers and Manufacturers Issuing Rebates or Refunds
  • Online Marketplaces

Smooth, reliable transactions are critical to online commerce. Merchants need to be confident that their customers will deliver promised payments in a timely manner for their goods or services provided. And customers need to be confident that their personal identifiable information and account details will remain safe.

Dwolla’s Push-to-Debit feature checks those boxes.


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