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Operational notifications are direct communications sent to a user when there is activity on their account. From account activity to transaction updates and user statuses, these operational alerts are necessary but difficult to implement yourself—which is why Dwolla offers businesses a prebuilt solution.

Save Developer Time

White-Label Operational Alerts

Speed Up Integration

Seamless Communications

Alerting your users about account activity is the right thing to do. In some instances, it’s also a requirement of applications to confirm certain account-related actions were intended. Automating and sending these alerts is time-consuming and difficult for businesses to build, which is why Dwolla offers a “plug-and-play” solution as a standard feature of the Dwolla Platform. Businesses can integrate faster with compliant communications built into their service—with up to 27 operational alerts included. Ensure transactional notifications are delivered to your users—when they need them—using Dwolla’s ACH payment API.

Brand Control

Dwolla’s operational notifications are white-labeled, meaning that the alerts are sent with your branding at the forefront and your user-centric experience intact. For something as important as operational alerts, maintaining trust with users is key. Dwolla’s ACH API is a leader in automated communications, from our webhooks that keep customers informed of transactions, to operational notifications—you’re in good hands.

Save Developer Resources

Creating, reviewing and approving required communications for account activity of your end users can take weeks to complete. Businesses are integrating with Dwolla and automatically sending operational alerts with the click of a button—without creating them from scratch. Why insist on hand-delivering mail when there are perfectly good delivery options available to you?
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christian arntsen foreup
With Dwolla being tech-stack friendly, we felt that it would be more efficient to work with Dwolla. We didn’t want to take a year or six months with six full-time developers, or even have one developer siloed off for an integration.
Christian Arntsen
Director of Product Management, foreUP

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