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Automated Notifications From Dwolla’s API

Alerting an end user of activity on their account is called an operational alert and these email interactions can be time consuming and challenging to implement—which is why Dwolla offers a plug-n-play solution.

Dwolla operation notifications hero image, a bell coming out of an envelope

Prebuilt Emails for Notifying Customers

Facilitating online payments requires a business to provide users with the appropriate information related to their account and any related activity. The Dwolla Platform has built-in functionality via Operational Notifications that gives businesses an easy way to send email notifications to your end users.

Decrease Time-to-Market

Save developer resources using pre-built email notifications to deliver account and transaction updates to your customers.

Tailored Notifications

Clients can customize the content, logo and contact information of each email directly within the dashboard.

Professional Business Practices

Deliver the appropriate notifications to your users, when they need them.
“What distinguished Dwolla was the heavy emphasis on compliance and the overall polish around the white-label aspect of the business. The API was clean, it was easy to understand and we were up and running very quickly compared to some of the other vendors."
Chief Technology Officer @ EquityMultiple

Instill Consumer Confidence

Transactional notifications such as ‘payment initiated’ or ‘payment failed’ need to be sent to each customer in addition to sale alerts, newsletters and product updates. Rather than rely on in-app notifications for a transaction notification, businesses are sending their customers direct communications for approximately 30 different events related to customer activity and transactions. With Dwolla, these automated notifications are sent in real-time to the customer.

Dwolla operational notifications

Save Developer Resources

Why insist on hand-delivering mail when there are perfectly good delivery options available? The same is true for automating operational notifications within the Dwolla API. Creating, reviewing and approving the required communications for user account activity can take weeks to complete. But with Dwolla’s ‘plug-n-play’ solution, non-technical employees can toggle these automated alerts without creating anything from scratch.

Image of the dashboard and code.

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