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On-Demand Bank Transfers

Programmatically pull funds from your customers’ bank account using an ACH transaction without requiring any manual interaction from your customer.

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Layering Faster Payments On Top of a Seamless Experience

Going Digital

Eliminate paper authorization forms by using a programmable payment platform to collect authorizations and debit funds from your users’ attached bank accounts.

Implement Quickly

Step-by-step guides and robust documentation will shave days off of your implementation timeline—without cutting any corners.

Securing Your Perimeter

Dwolla’s security controls are validated with a SOC 2 Type II report for our ACH product and a Level 1 PCI DSS certification for our Push-to-Debit product.

Does ‘On-Demand’ Mean Instant?

On-demand transfers are not instantaneous and in fact, have very little to do with the speed of a transaction. An on-demand transfer occurs after a user gives a business the authorization to initiate a bank transfer to debit their funding source. On-demand bank transfers are commonly used by companies with usage-based business models, such as utility companies, who can debit their customers after collecting their prior authorizations and without having to wait for customers to create transfers themselves. These transaction timelines can be shortened using Same Day or Next Day ACH transfer timing to avoid missed deadlines.

Featured Image: Transfer Timeline
The less we have to worry about payments, which is a big part of our business, the better. Doing that accurately and efficiently is core to our business and is something Dwolla allows us to not spend a lot of time thinking about on a daily basis. That’s a huge win for us.
COO & Co-Founder of Good Buy Gear

Reducing Friction For Both Sides of the Transaction

Complement your existing billing or subscription logic with a programmable payment platform and faster ACH payments. No PDFs to scan, no checks to deposit. Simply ask your user to attach their bank account, verify the routing information and request authorization to debit the account. Programmatically, you can pull funds from the attached account and push them to your business account without the customer having to initiate a transfer for each payment. If that sounds simple—welcome to your new normal. On-demand transfers, programmatically.

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