Individuals who own multiple bank accounts move money from one account to another for many reasons, from saving for vacation to paying down debt. These payments from one bank account to another can be made electronically without having to write a check or use a wire transfer. With Dwolla’s ACH payment API, applications are automating these transactions to improve the financial health of their end users.

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Easily Onboard Users

Verified customers must go through Customer Identification Program(CIP) verification to transact. With Dwolla’s straightforward verification methods, users can begin transacting within minutes and with minimal work.

Notifications in Real Time

Send alerts to your application—and your end users—when there’s activity involving their account. Dwolla provides businesses with the tools to automate these processes to help with compliance requirements.

Get to Market Quickly

The quicker you can transact, the quicker you can make money. With direct lines of support and robust developer documentation, a development team can integrate Dwolla’s ACH payment API quickly and securely.
“ACH is not a simple process to understand. But Dwolla takes all of that complexity and wraps it up behind a well-documented API that does exactly what it says it does, so all we have to think about in transferring money is ‘who’ and ‘how much.’”
Chris Johnson
Senior Developer
"Dwolla is best in class regarding ACH transfers through an app. There hasn’t been anything else that really compares in terms of how much your app can be supercharged by Dwolla’s API."
Gil Akos
CEO & Co-Founder
"Dwolla custom tailored a solution to something that we needed. We have a full money moving system without having to do any of it. And it looks like it is coming from us with our look and feel."
Chris Bruno
CEO & Co-Founder

Dwolla’s Digital Wallet

As companies continue to combine technology with financial literacy, applications rely on simple, straightforward processes that allow an end user to move money between two bank accounts owned by that end user. By powering your application with Dwolla’s ACH payment API, your end users can take advantage of the wallet-like functionality that allows them to hold a balance under your application and seamlessly move money between their accounts.

With a Dwolla balance, your verified users can access their funds more efficiently and allow ACH transfers to move fast—like same day fast.

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