Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your
customers used Dwolla?

As a merchant, when your customers choose to pay using Dwolla, you win. You save more of your hard-earned money. Less credit card processing fees. More profit.

Here are a few ways to get your customers to choose Dwolla:

The Dwolla Price

Some merchants are offering customers a special price if they use Dwolla. It’s simple. Discount your price by half of what you saved in credit card fees. If your product sells for $100 and your credit card processing fee would have been 3% (or $3), then the Dwolla Price would be $98.75. That’s $100 - ½ of ($3 - the 25¢ Dwolla fee).

Calculate your Dwolla Price

Dwolla Price

Customer Discount ½ fee minus 25¢

Upgraded or free shipping

If you sell your products online, consider giving your customers free or upgraded shipping if they pay using Dwolla. Remember that bank-to-bank transactions can take a few days to settle, especially if it’s a weekend or holiday. Your business might not ship the item until the funds settle in your bank.

Giving customers faster shipping will help make the choice to use Dwolla that much easier.

Run a sale

Make the switch

Some merchants are so excited about the money they will save when their customers use Dwolla that they are offering attractive discounts for an initial period of time to get more people to switch to Dwolla faster.

More profit

For example, you might run a 30-day promotion offering 10% off to anyone using Dwolla. As more people choose Dwolla for future purchases, you could end up with more profit overall in a matter of weeks.

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