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"Dwolla was easy to integrate. Providing a white-labeled experience gave Bento a new level of flexibility and capabilities to integrate to the ACH network that we couldn’t find in other providers. We now give our customers the optimal experience by linking bank accounts and transferring funds."
Sean Anderson
COO and Founder
"We needed an easy, simple, deployable payment solution to help us streamline these manual processes in order to grow our business.”
Derrick Hale
Chief Operating Officer
“As we looked to build out our business, we needed an API that met our technical standards—and Dwolla did just that. From functionality to integration support, Dwolla’s bank transfer API has been ideal in helping us scale.”
Bryan Petro
“It got so bad that we began using a credit card to accelerate payouts. When you’re a marketplace, sacrificing two-to-three percent of your profit margin to maintain a user experience that you don’t even control is just bad business.”
Eddy Lu
"Working with [Dwolla’s] tech team on our integration was great. They were always quick to respond to questions and very receptive to feedback. A feature that we requested during a meeting with them went live only a few weeks later. This gives us the confidence that as our payment needs evolve, so will Dwolla."
Trek Glowacki
Staff Software Engineer