An emerging marketplace is connecting workers with work opportunities, as the manufacturing industry continues to deal with record unemployment rates and an estimated 4.6 million jobs to fill by the year 2028.

Whether it’s picking and packing at a warehouse or assembly work, Veryable’s operational efficiency tool connects workers with short-term work opportunities in the manufacturing industry. After downloading the free app and creating a profile, users (known as Operators) can view nearby work opportunities and bid on these opportunities. Businesses then review the Operator bids, choose the best matches and rate the work they perform.

24 hours after an opportunity is completed, Veryable sends payments directly to the bank accounts of each Operator using Dwolla’s Same Day ACH feature. Being able to pay out the Operators for completed work in one business day has been a huge value add for the Veryable platform.

Veryable ACH Payouts

Manufacturing plants are currently struggling with attracting and retaining workers. Noah Labhart, CTO and Co-Founder of Veryable, says that their platform was built to enable businesses to embrace a new labor strategy.

“We provide manufacturers with the ability to ramp up or ramp down their labor capacity, to match up with the demand fluctuations,” Labhart says. “One of the biggest perks for Operators using the platform is our daily pay. And the way we use Dwolla with the Plaid integration streamlines our entire payment process.”

Shifting Operations

Veryable was founded in 2016 and really started enabling flexible capacity for manufacturers in February of 2017.

Before being named a top Dallas startup in 2018 and 2019, Veryable was ironing out its payment processes. With a selling point of daily payments, Labhart said their initial payment provider made it difficult to deliver that promise.

“We had to wait for payments from businesses to clear and then use those payments to pay the Operators—but first we had to wait for those funds to be transferred to a bank,” Labhart explains. “It caused a lot of timing issues with our workers and headaches in our accounting process.

After six months, Labhart says they began searching for a new payment provider.

“Our volume was smaller back then but we were still fighting the issue of getting Operators paid in a timely manner. I couldn’t imagine how bad it would have been with larger transaction volumes,” Labhart says. “We had to figure out an alternative.”

That alternative payment provider needed to have an easy-to-integrate API, offering access to fast and reliable transfers, with a dependable support team.

“We wanted to be able to talk directly with an account manager or technical support,” Labhart says. “What we were previously using was largely chat based, combined with email–no phone or Slack support. We were looking for something more personalized than that.”

Despite having a technical background, Labhart wasn’t interested in building an integration directly with a bank. He was always looking for a payments partner and says he started investigating the internet for payment providers.

“I’m a believer in sticking to your core competencies and partnering with people who are much better at their niche than I am,” Labhart says. “We didn’t need to know how to process ACH payments, we just needed to find the right partner that does and does it really well.”

“That was Dwolla.”

noah labhart veryable
"I’m a believer in sticking to your core competencies and partnering with people who are smarter than I am. We didn’t need to know how to process ACH payments, we just needed to find the right partner that does and does it well. That was Dwolla."
Noah Labhart
CTO & Co-Founder

Changing Variables

Labhart says Veryable values “plain speech” and he says the level of “transparency” is what made Dwolla so attractive.

“The Dwolla account team was not trying to sell me,” Labhart explained. “They were more interested in educating me about their platform and how they might be able to help us achieve our goals. I appreciated that and it helped me understand what I was getting into.”

Labhart said he felt confident they made the right decision and continues to feel that way when working with the Dwolla Customer Success and Developer Advocate teams. He says there have been times when an influx of users had created a few questions around some of the payments on the Veryable platform. Having dedicated team members on the Dwolla side was incredibly helpful in resolving their issues quickly.

“We were able to get Trace IDs for specific transactions to help answer questions and effectively communicate with our workers,” Labhart says. “This type of responsiveness continues today with any one-off scenario. Dwolla has been fantastic.”

Labhart says most issues are resolved within a day, where it would have taken their previous payment provider a week to solve—at least.

“Having researched and worked with other payment providers, what continues to surprise me about Dwolla is their transparency,” Labhart says. “The platform is up-to-date and easy to integrate with, and then the support is fantastic. It was surprising to get all that from a single vendor. I haven’t seen another vendor have all three of those key components.”

A Constant Variable

Veryable continues to establish itself within Texas and as 2020 approaches, Labhart says they will continue to focus on growth and expansion.

“We’re just scratching the surface of the geography that we’re in and are looking to go deeper—and broader,” Labhart says. “We target industrial areas where we can enable operations to achieve flexible capacity.”

Labhart credits Dwolla for a portion of this, knowing that their ACH Network and API enables them to achieve daily pay for their workers–something that they can’t get elsewhere.

“If we didn’t find Dwolla when we did, we wouldn’t be able to provide our Operators with a same day payment. Finding a fast and effective way to send payments helped us create a more ideal experience for the workers on the platform,” Labhart says. “That was really important for where we wanted to be as a business.”

As the landscape shifts within the manufacturing industry, Veryable has a constant to offer: powerful, same day payments for its platform workers.

“Dwolla helps us achieve that.”

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