Finding work in the healthcare industry shouldn’t be more challenging than performing a procedure on a patient.

But with a projected shortage of 2.3 million healthcare workers by 2025—and one of every four rural Americans saying they can’t access adequate healthcare—a chasm is forming between doctors and nurses with healthcare facilities and patients. 

Nomad Health is working to help remove all roadblocks for healthcare professionals when it comes to finding a job opportunity. With a simple, modern platform, Nomad Health is a healthcare staffing marketplace that connects medical employers and their part-time, permanent and telehealth positions with qualified doctors and nurses. Nomad posts all the job details upfront and allows users to search by pay rates, dates, location, shifts and more. Users create profiles that include work history and state license information. Additionally, Nomad offers malpractice insurance to those staffed through their platform—which is typically required by medical facilities. 

Large hospital systems and small private practices are benefiting from a more efficient, modern staffing solution. Employers can post jobs for free, view applicant profiles and pay Nomad once a job offer is accepted. 

Nomad digitally handles its paperwork, licensing, credentialing, malpractice insurance and payments.

Once a healthcare professional accepts the job offer and work hours are verified by all stakeholders, payments are sent directly to the clinicians’ bank accounts. Funds are made available to the doctors by the next business day, via an ACH transaction through Dwolla’s ACH API

Nomad Health ACH Payouts

“We want to remove the obstacles between clinicians and their patients,” says Jess Compagnola, VP of Finance at Nomad Health. “One way of doing that is to empower clinicians to find the job they want. The real value add for the user is offering a wide selection of jobs, a delightful user experience and timely paychecks.”

Offering expedited payments in an industry known for methodical processes has made Nomad appealing in the market, attracting more than 85,000 users and over 4,000 healthcare facilities to the platform. 

“Dwolla allows us to pay our clinicians in a very easy and seamless way,” Compagnola says. “That functionality was built into our platform. The API speaks to the back end and lets me click two buttons to send a payment.”

Jess Compagnola - Nomad
“Dwolla is unique because its API integrates with our platform. Further, it allows finance to work tightly with engineering, to save time and reduce human error. To me, that adds value.”
Jess Compagnola
VP of Finance

Timely Payments

Traditionally, ACH transfers are associated with long wait times. Nomad wanted to ensure they could send timely payouts to providers to provide the best experience possible for their users without having to worry about delays.

“Dwolla is unique because its API integrates with our platform,” Compagnola says. “Further, it allows finance to work tightly with engineering to save time and reduce human error. To me, that adds value.”

Starting out with a single developer, Nomad Health was able to integrate Same Day ACH payouts in four hours. By working with Dwolla’s in-house risk and compliance team, Nomad Health increased its transaction limits to make receiving high-dollar ACH payments simple. 

“We found Dwolla to have one of the best ACH-optimized APIs on the market,” says Alexi Nazem, CEO and Co-Founder of Nomad Health. “When it comes to dealing with the traditional complexities of building on top of the U.S. banking system, Dwolla’s API wraps the power of ACH into a flexible and straightforward integration.”

Nomad continuously ensures doctors receive payments approximately three days faster than traditional recruiters, creating an ideal experience for everyone involved.

Seamless Payment Process

Using ACH payments rather than wire transfers or paper checks not only saves Nomad Health from paying costly fees associated with wire transfers but Compagnola says it’s easier to initiate a payment from the Dwolla Dashboard without having to write and mail a check. And because Nomad can capture hours worked and confirm that total with the facility through the platform, there’s no need to send time cards.

“We can pay all of our doctors in 1/10th of the time it would take for us to send a wire or mail checks,” Compagnola says. “If we weren’t using Dwolla, my team would spend hours paying the clinicians working all over the country.” 

Nomad has positioned itself as a leader in the healthcare staffing industry. After raising more than $30 million earlier in 2019, the company continues to scale. With Dwolla’s predictable pricing structure and Same Day ACH payout functionality, those clinicians continue to be paid at a speed that puts Nomad far ahead of traditional brokers. 

“Dwolla provides us with a seamless payment process where everything works,” Compagnola says. “We are removing obstacles between clinicians and patients. And Dwolla is a key partner in helping us do so.”

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