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As a software toolbox that was founded in 2012, CargoSprint’s mission is to help alleviate airport congestion and streamline the payment and cargo pick-up process while enhancing customer experience.

The company offers a suite of products designed to increase efficiency in the cargo industry. CargoSprint’s products allows cargo to move faster through the efficient payments to vendors and with less waiting times at cargo facilities.

SprintPay payment platform was developed by CargoSprint to deliver fast payments to vendors. Adding Dwolla—to automate CargoSprint’s ACH payout processes—was the difference between walking and sprinting.

“Our return on investment was almost immediate,” says Josh Wolf, CargoSprint CEO. “We were able to get up and running in no time with Dwolla’s straightforward API. Dwolla’s flexible options such as same day ACH gave us the flexibility our customers demanded.”

CargoSprint Marketing Manager Alex Quintero says before Dwolla, payment processes were completed manually.

“So you can imagine the time and the workload required for this activity,” Quintero says. “Trying to keep up with this task, manually, became harder and harder every day. That’s why we needed a solution to help with this problem.”

Cargo Sprint SprintPay ACH payments image

CargoSprint didn’t need to work harder, they just needed a smart API solution to help them improve their processes.

“Having less of a workload, spending less time and less strain for the team is reflected in a better customer experience,” Quintero says. “Dwolla became a key tool in our process. We found Dwolla to be not only a solution, but a partner that made everything easier for us.”

Extra Hands For Extra Tasks

Instead of using a bank for a payments solution, Quintero says the amount of trust that the Dwolla team placed in CargoSprint as a startup gave them the confidence to integrate with Dwolla to improve their payments.

“We were looking to move fast and bank processes take a little longer,” Quintero says. “Being able to work with Dwolla made it easy for us to automate processes much faster and work much more efficiently. Integrating with Dwolla made a great difference in the day-to-day work of CargoSprint, Quintero says. They were able to redirect a significant amount of time that was spent on manually processing and tracking payments and dedicate more time to developing product features and enhancing the customer’s experience.

“Time efficiencies, work optimization, cost reduction and the overall interaction with the Dwolla platform are just a few elements that we would say are benefits that we have experienced since integrating with Dwolla,” Quintero says. “Our customers have also seen similar improvements since the integration, as many of their required actions with us have been automated.”

This has all led to the greatest benefit, Quintero says, which is gaining extra hands for extra tasks.

“The time the team had previously used to manually process transactions was drastically reduced and there was no need to hire more personnel for other activities,” Quintero says. “Our manual workload decreased by 98% and the total time spent on transactions reduced by 80%—along with all of the errors that were prevented—thanks to automating ACH transactions.”

Going Live Quickly

Once the CargoSprint team developed an understanding of the Dwolla Platform, Quintero called the Dwolla API integration “easy.”

“The API integration was seamless and the documentation explanations are in a language designed specifically for developers,” Quintero says. “It only took one developer to integrate the Dwolla Platform with our application.”

In addition to the documentation, Quintero says the support and attention the CargoSprint team received from Dwolla’s customer success and developer advocates throughout implementing the solution made understanding a few aspects of the integration “much easier.”

“The Slack support channel is one of the best features for us,” Quintero says. “Everybody appreciates the ability to have a direct line of communication to someone that can help answer unexpected questions. Dwolla listens to our needs and consistently gives us support through every part of the process, pre- and post-implementation, and that is an invaluable piece of the integration.”

Out For Delivery

CargoSprint has some of the key tools in place that it needs to continue to scale its business.

As the number of customers and transactions grow, CargoSprint is looking forward to relying on Dwolla’s consistent pricing and diligent reporting through Dwolla’s dashboard data to plan for the future.

With Dwolla as their payments solution, CargoSprint has no plans to slow down.


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