Bento for Business is an expense management provider that provides turn-key expense management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Its flagship product is the Bento Card, allowing employers to control employee spending.

Before launching the Bento Card, Bento needed the ability for employers to seamlessly connect a bank account. That account would be used to upload funds associated with each card.

Bento had three requirements for its ideal payment solution:

  1. Easy for users to connect a bank account
  2. White label integration, branded to Bento
  3. Ability to transfer funds from a bank account into a Bento account

After considering other solutions, Bento integrated Dwolla’s API to deliver the required functionality that was suited to their branding.

Delivering On Functionality

At a minimum, Bento needed a payments solution that could verify bank accounts and transfer funds into a Bento account. It was also important to be able to weave these functions into a simple user experience.

Bento couldn’t afford to start from scratch when launching their flagship product; building their own solution would require too much development time. They were looking for a resource, experts to guide them and shape the facilitation of bank transfers.

Ultimately, Bento chose Dwolla’s white-label API because it reduced the amount of development work for its team and offered dedicated integration and developer support.

Bento integrated and launched Dwolla’s API in less than a month. They enjoyed responsive support, saving the development team an estimated four weeks during implementation.

Enabling Growth

As an innovator in a new space, Bento is consistently adding new products and features to reach a broader swath of small to mid-sized businesses. They were looking for an integration that could, down the road, support and enable new functionality within their platform.

After successfully integrating the Dwolla API, Bento has planned new ways to diversify and expand the company’s product and platform.  Bento now verifies their customers with Instant Account Verification (IAV).

The company is also exploring new ways to expand their platform, enabled by Dwolla’s API.

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