Earn revenue with Dwolla’s facilitator fee, by seamlessly collecting a fixed or percentage based fee from the transactions that your application or platform facilitates.

Why split ACH payments?

As a business or developer building payments into your platform or application, you may want to charge a fee on top of the ACH transfers that your software facilitates. Many companies do this to cover operating costs, and grow their business.

Splitting ACH payments with Dwolla’s facilitator Fee.

Harness the power of Dwolla’s facilitator fee. Currently, it allows for:

- Developers to build fees into applications.

- Developers to charge a fixed fee or a percentage fee for any transaction passing through their application.

- Developers to build software that leverages ACH transfers, Dwolla balance transfers, credit transfers, and anything else someone could use on the Dwolla platform to move money and charge an appropriate fee.

How are companies using Dwolla’s facilitator fee? 

- Some organizations have small service charges as a part of transactions. $2 for example on each bank transfer keeps their technical team staffed and kids getting lunch cards loaded on time.

- Software developers building software for third-party companies can actually build their fee into each transaction rather than charging upfront. This helps more companies get to market without loaded up-front costs.

- Software marketplaces where the marketplace may take 10% of the original purchase price for a service ordered. This has become more and more common. We help the marketplace split the payment as the money moves.

Splitting ACH transfers is now FREE with Dwolla facilitator fee.

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