The Same Day ACH per transfer limit is set at a maximum amount of $25,000. While this will satisfy many customers, it will not be a high enough limit for others who rely on sending or receiving larger B2B payments. Many of these business customers needing to send high dollar amounts will continue to use traditional ACH, or wire transfer to move funds faster.

NACHA has mandated that every U.S. financial institution make themselves capable of receiving a Same Day ACH credits in September of 2016. This phase will allow businesses granted access by their financial institution the ability to send same-day transfers and enjoy faster payments.

Dwolla offers an easy-on-ramp to the ACH network that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to leverage bank transfers within their platforms or applications.

The Dwolla White Label bank transfer API provides partners with everything from bank account verification tools to webhooks making it easy to send branded communications to users about their account or payment status. Because the API is white labeled, no two integrations are the same. The partner is empowered to build their ideal payment flow and customize the user experience to fit their brand.

Additionally, Dwolla is excited to offer Same Day ACH. You can learn more about the offering and potential added value by reviewing Dwolla's Same Day ACH Transfer API


Determining Custom Transaction Limits

Other options, like setting custom transaction limits and next day ACH transfers for businesses and users alike, are available to approved partners. You determine the limits for sending and receiving payments, and we’ll work with you to make it happen. For example: If you’re running an equity investment platform and need to be able to receive $1 million transactions from some of your investors, you can do so via Dwolla’s bank transfer API.

We’ve built our payment APIs to be future ready to integrate new payment types, like Same-Day ACH. We’re well-acquainted with the ACH network and we’re working to be well positioned to help your business manage the new Same-Day ACH functionality.

Contact an integration specialist to get started on designing your ideal bank transfer integration. We’ll work with you to determine a flat monthly fee that make sense.

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Financial institutions play an important role in our network.

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