The ACH network is implementing a new system for improving the speed of payouts, Same Day ACH. This new functionality will allows for access to funds more quickly than before, but Same Day will not be available all at once. Same Day ACH will be available in three phases.

First, came Phase 1 of Same Day ACH in September 2016. Phase 1 called for Receiving Depository Financial Institutions (RDFIs) to allow for funds to be received within one business day.

Second, was Phase 2 in September 2017 and then Phase 3 in March of 2018.

Understanding Phase 2

In Phase 1, it was mandatory for RDFIs to receive and process Same Day credits within the 10:30AM ET and 2:45PM ET processing windows. Now, with Phase 2, RDFIs must also accommodate debiting accounts within that same day via ACH.

With this second phase, financial institutions crediting funds to an account as well as debiting an account will be operating same day. As long as the payment is submitted within the given window of time—send by 10:30AM ET and 2:45PM ET—the debit will be reflected by the RDFI by 1:00PM ET and 5:00PM ET respectively.

Put Same Day ACH to work for you

Whether you’re paying out via ACH or receiving funds via the ACH network, the ability to receive and process Same Day credits and debits will prove beneficial. With better insights into money movement and the flow of capital, those working with Same Day ACH will improve businesses efficiency and get streamlined access to working capital.

Dwolla is excited to offer Same Day ACH. You can learn more about the offering and potential added value by reviewing Dwolla's Same Day ACH Transfer API

We’ve built our branded products at and our white label APIs to be future ready to integrate new payment types, like Same Day ACH. We’re well-acquainted with the ACH network we’re working to be well positioned to help your business manage the new Same Day ACH functionality.

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