When you’re integrating payments, you have to make the smartest decision on how to move money therein. One great (and cost-effective) payment method is utilizing ACH transfers within your platform. Many businesses are able to reduce costs incurred by high card processing fees when bank transfers would be a better fit in the first place—such as in the disbursement process.

The good news: integrating ACH payments is now more simple and flexible than ever with Dwolla’s bank transfer API. Whether you’re moving money between users’ bank accounts or paying out thousands of service providers, consider an ACH solution.

Here are some proven examples of companies integrating with the Dwolla’s ACH API to improve payments:

Integrate online ACH into applications

Consumers are relying on mobile applications more than ever, and new services and apps are being developed to serve this rising trend. We’ve gotten to know a few companies building their own innovative applications, who are also leveraging the ACH network via Dwolla.

New FinTech apps have found value in Dwolla’s ACH API, baking account-to-account bank transfer functionality into their platforms and applications, while designing the user experience and maintaining branding control.

Deliver ACH payouts to service providers

If you’ve built the best platform tailored to a unique demographic or target audience, be sure you’ve also integrated the best option for that audience to get paid. From sending mass payments to contractors to paying out college referees, Dwolla's MassPay API allows you to build your ideal ACH payouts tool in a safe and simple way.

Build in ACH payments to improve your online marketplace

Similar to paying out service providers is paying out sellers in a marketplace. We have a wide variety of partners that use our ACH API to deliver payouts to vendors. Because of the Dwolla API’s flexibility, marketplaces can easily accept card transactions on the front end and power bank transfer via Dwolla on the backend.

By building bank transfers right into their platform with our API, marketplaces are able to programmatically deliver payouts to thousands of vendors.

Integrate ACH to offer an additional payment option on your platform

Finally, a simple, yet smart addition of ACH payments is as an additional payments option, right alongside credit cards. For businesses, there is supreme benefit to encouraging adoption of ACH over paying with a credit card—you keep more money because you cut out those pesky percentage-based transaction fees. Integrate Dwolla’s bank transfer technology to save money in collecting recurring membership fees.

Whether you’re looking to move money in a mobile application or make payouts to the thousands using your platform, tapping into the ACH network is always a smart option to explore. Contact an integration specialist today to get started.

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