Dwolla has a powerful and flexible solution for ACH marketplace payouts and transfers. It can be difficult to manage merchants or service providers, but it doesn’t have to be. By leveraging Dwolla’s feature-rich API, marketplaces are able to add an element of automation and reliability to the thing that keeps their business running—processing transfers.

When looking for a payments solution, there’s a lot to consider—from ease of integration and commitment of developer time to cost of use and functionality. Dwolla offers a full-stack ACH payments solution, free of a per-transaction fee, that can be integrated quickly.

As a Dwolla customer, you can leverage our easy-to-use Dwolla MassPay tool by simply uploading a CSV file with customer email addresses and corresponding transfer amounts and initiate thousands of payments to your customers within seconds. Want to send payouts programmatically? Tap into the Dwolla's API for mass payments to get started.

Wanting to control more of the customer experience? Dwolla allows you to make payouts via ACH transfer, but the payments maintain your branding. You get the power of Dwolla, while customizing experience—an integration consisting of only 4 endpoints.

Need to facilitate transfers between buyers and vendors? We can help you with that as well. When facilitating transfers for users, you’ll want to utilize the Dwolla API. Two customers will need to be created, and each will need to have a funding source linked. However, if the customer will only be receiving payments (the vendor), they are not required to verify their funding source. If the customer will need to send payments (the buyer), they will need to have a verified bank account (you can leverage our easy to implement dwolla.js integration to collect this information, and never have the customer’s financial information hit your servers).

The Dwolla API gives your marketplace the ability to leverage Dwolla’s existing infrastructure—bank partnerships, fraud analysis, communication protocols and more. So what are you waiting for? Get started building your new ACH marketplace payments solution in our sandbox, or talk to an integration specialist today.

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Financial institutions play an important role in our network.

Dwolla, Inc. is an agent of Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank and all funds associated with your account in our network are held in pooled accounts at Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank. These funds are not eligible for individual insurance, including FDIC insurance and may not be eligible for share insurance by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Dwolla, Inc. is the operator of a software platform that communicates user instructions for funds transfers to Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank.