ACH transfers are great for sending business payouts and receiving payments from your customers. However, there are challenges to using the ACH system. From finding a bank to originate transactions to learning how to manage ACH returns and corrections, there’s a high knowledge barrier to entry. Let Dwolla help you navigate ACH payments, so you don’t have to become a payments expert.

Dwolla’s ACH payments solution offers you various options to integrate ACH transfer into your application or platform. You can leverage our turnkey ACH payout solution, or tap into the power of the Dwolla ACH API to build your own custom payments solution that looks and feels like your brand.

When you partner with Dwolla to leverage the ACH network, we help automate things like returns and corrections, while helping you manage fraud and data storage concerns. It takes a lot of time and careful engineering work to set up a platform that originates ACH transfers, but we make it easy for you to get started with bank transfers in your own application quickly.

The Dwolla payments solution helps you do a lot of the heavy-lifting associated with processing ACH payments, so that you can focus on things like a seamless user experience for your customers. We offer tools that your business can leverage to verify your customers' bank accounts, making them eligible to initiate ACH transactions from their financial institutions to or through your platform.  

So if the fear of having to learn how to manage ACH returns and corrections has kept you from offering an ACH transfer solution to your customers, discover what Dwolla has to offer. We are happy to work with your team to explore your needs, and to find a solution that works for your unique business requirements.

Chat with one of our integration specialists today, or take a deep dive into our extensive developer documentation, guides, and resources.


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Dwolla, Inc. is an agent of Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank and all funds associated with your account in our network are held in pooled accounts at Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank. These funds are not eligible for individual insurance, including FDIC insurance and may not be eligible for share insurance by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Dwolla, Inc. is the operator of a software platform that communicates user instructions for funds transfers to Veridian Credit Union and Compass Bank.