The JOBS Act made it easier for individual accredited investors to make investments in projects such as commercial real estate and other large development projects. This change has been followed by a boom in the number of crowdfunding investment platforms going online—everything from funding solar installation projects to financing personal and commercial loans to real estate developments.

Individual investors are now able to access and diversify their portfolio with projects that were previously unattainable to them, and development projects are now granted access to a deeper and more diverse pool of investors. Many see the JOBS Act as a step towards democratizing investment opportunities, allowing others access to investments that were traditionally only available to large investment groups and firms.

Getting a crowdfunding investment platform to market is no simple task, and many of these platforms have more than enough work to do when navigating the complex regulations associated with investing marketplaces. Instead of dedicating hundreds of more hours to researching compliance requirements and regulations to building your own payment infrastructure to power your investment platform, consider implementing a third-party payment provider that’s already built the functionality that you need.

Dwolla’s White Label bank transfer API allows you to integrate payments seamlessly into your interface, never disrupting your user experience. Design the payment experience that makes sense for your end-users, whether that’s facilitating bank transfers from your investors to the projects, setting up regular returns back to the investors, or both.

Forget getting charged a high percentage fee per transaction, we work with you to establish a flat monthly fee that makes sense for your use case. Enjoy the predictability of paying the same rate month over month—your accounting department will thank you.

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