If you need to accept ACH transfers through your platform for usage-based services, you’ll need to enable your payers to authorize transfers for variable amounts from their bank account at a later point in time for products or services delivered.

Transaction authorization is great for companies like: 

- Cloud computing services. Fees can be different every month, requiring ongoing authorization so a customer can easily pay for a service, and the company can easily bill for the service.

- Utilities. A water company bill is rarely the same each month. Same with electrical, and gas. The amount collected at the end of each month is usage-based, or metered.

- Ride sharing or asset sharing platforms. The amount a customer is charged for a ride across town depends on a variety of factors. We make it easy for sharing companies to bill their customers, while reducing the hassle for the end customer on each trip.

- B2B services that bill on a variable basis. Some orders may require a bank transfer on NET terms and others may be fulfilled once the goods are delivered. Either way, both should be possible.

With Dwolla, adding this functionality to your platform is simple within our v2 API—it’s called On-Demand Bank Transfers.

The instant bank verification and quick on-demand authorization from the customer occurs with Dwolla.js to make it incredibly easy to add to your software. It’s one extra step to the bank verification process to acquire the permission from the account holder.

Once you have collected all of the authorizations required for a bank transfer, including the additional authorization from the end user for on-demand bank transfers, your software application kicks off a transaction whenever the customer needs to be billed.

As usual, with Dwolla there are no per transaction fees for either party in the transaction, and with our white label services your brand is front and center. Developers enjoy our straightforward API documentation and our sandbox that lets them build out solutions in our test environment.

We’re excited to be a part of building the future making bank transfers easier for businesses and developers—let us help you get started today.

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