The ACH network can be a complicated one to navigate, but Dwolla has built a platform that makes it easy for developers to get up and running by wrapping bank transfers to, from, or between your customers into an ACH API for moving money between US bank accounts. To help you make ACH payments programmatically, we’ve simplified the bank transfer to a few simple steps:

Create a customer record:


 "firstName": “Dwolla”,

 "lastName": “Support”,

 "email": “",

 "ipAddress": ""



Attach a funding source:


   "accountNumber": "12345678",

   "routingNumber": "026005092",

   "accountType": "Checking",

   "name": “Wells Fargo ACH”



Create a ACH transfer:


   "_links": {

       "source": {

           "href": ""


       "destination": {

           "href": ""



   "amount": {

       "value": "1339.00",

       "currency": "USD"




Dwolla’s ACH API is great for third party ACH payments. Applications include payouts for contractors or suppliers, payroll payments, and ACH marketplace payouts.

To see how Dwolla’s ACH API works without actually moving money you can use our sandbox environment. Our sandbox environment lets you test transfers using fake data in your application quickly to see how our platform operates.

To initiate transactions you’ll need to generate an application and include the application credentials in your requests. To get started, see the instructions below:

- How to generate an application

- Getting started with Dwolla

There is another functionality that Dwolla offers as well:

Instant bank account verification for transfers

- The ability for your application to hold a balance

If you’re looking at building custom ACH API solutions and could use some advice about the best way to build your application, our integration team can assist you.

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