Our Core Beliefs

Connecting With What Matters

Dwolla is about connections. Whether that’s connecting your business to the ACH Network or connecting with our community; connection is a part of everything we do.

These connections are made by a diverse group of bright, positive people who are effective employees, great teammates and engaged citizens.

Just as each transaction—no matter how small—can help grow a business, we know that every connection we make—from volunteering to a simple word of encouragement—can make a big impact.

We are inventors, creators and believers

We strive to push what’s possible, create what’s impossible and become experts in what has only existed in dreams.

Inclusion fuels innovation

With a diverse set of ideas, powered by a diverse group of people, Dwolla can only succeed.

Money equals data

We are always working towards a more secure, more reliable digital means of moving money.

We are never done

The road to innovation is long, winding and stretches beyond the horizon. With Dwolla, there is no end state.

Creating a Legacy of Support

At Dwolla, we believe in creating value in the Midwest. We’re proud to support the people and organizations who are helping others start, grow and sustain their business in the Midwest. For a company dedicated to saving customers time and money, we are only too happy to donate both to these causes.

In the last two years alone, Dwolla has donated thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to organizations that align with our core beliefs of innovation, inclusion, digital infrastructure and relentless improvement.

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